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    ■ What is TOUCH PANEL JAPAN?

    As there is a rapid increase in needs of smart phones and tablet PCs, the touch panel market has been making a big breakthrough. There will be plenty of displays from touch panel-related manufacturing technologies, parts, materials to cutting-edge touch panel modules and application products.

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    ■ Exhibit Profile

    Touch Panel Module Capacitive Touchscreen

    • SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Touchscreens
    • APR (Acoustic Pulse Recognition) Touchscreens
    • In-cell Touchscreens  etc.
    • Resistive Touchscreens
    • Infrared Touchscreens

    Components/Materials Sensor, IC

    • Transparent Conducting Films
    • Antistatic Sheets
    • Electrode Materials
    • Heat Release/Insulating Materials
    • SAW Devices
    • Light Emitting/Receiving Elements
    • Dot Spacers
    • Connectors
    • Ink Materials
    • Tapes, Adhesive Materials
    • Plastic Substrates
    • Glass Substrates
    • Films
    • Noise Suppression Parts  etc.

    Embedded Technologies Embedded Software

    • Consulting Services
    • Embedded Boards  etc.
    • Development Support Tools

    Equipment/Devices Coating Equipment

    • Drawing Systems
    • Testers
    • Exposure Systems
    • Laminating/Assembling Equipment
    • Clean Room Related Products
    • Etching Equipment
    • Life Testing Equipment  etc.
    • Scriber, Decoupling Equipment
    • Measuring Instruments
    • Cleaning Equipment
    • Board Inspection Systems
    • Printing Equipment
    • Dot Spacer Spraying Devices

    Contract Services Preproduction/Manufacturing Service

    • Testing/Compliance Test Services
    • Processing Services  etc.
    • Design/Development Services

    ■ Visitor Profile

    • Touch Panel Manufacturers
    • Assembling Manufacturers (Panel Users)   etc.
    • Panel Manufacturers

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